Lisa Maree is a wife and mom of three amazing boys and resides in West Hartford, CT.  She is self taught and has been sewing since 2012.  On a hot summer day, Lisa Maree was up in her attic looking for hand me down clothes for one of the boys and came across an unopened sewing machine box.  Her husband, Paul, had given it to her for their 1 year anniversary back in 2003.  She had totally forgetten about that.  But when she saw it, she chuckled, remembering that she was annoyed about the "gift".  (Thinking back on that day, she chuckles and realizes what a gift it really was!).  Lisa Maree was annoyed because she thought; "Who gives their wife a sewing machine on their 1 year anniversary???"

 A light bulb went off in Lisa Maree's head.  "I can teach myself to sew!" was her very first thought.  At first, she wanted to start making quilts.  She was going to name her quilt business, "Nolie Swirls", referring to her youngest, Nolan.  Swirls was for different flavors of ice cream.  We could go on to tell you just how and what was the motivation behind all of that, but we are not ready to share that with you, because that just might come back to fruition one day.

Then, one day while picking up her oldest from kindergarten, she came across another mom, wearing a really cool bag.  Lisa Maree asked her where she got her bag, and the mom told her that she made it!  She made it?  Wait, WHAT?!??!?  Another "light bulb" moment!  and from then on, Lisa Maree would start making bags.

Now truth be told, and looking back on pictures of those early bags, LM laughs and thinks, how on earth did I sell any of those bags.  BUT, we all have to start somewhere.  By 2014, LM turned this hobby into a business and became official.  

In the beginning, Lisa Maree named her business, "Bags In Bloom". Her logo included 3 flowers each representing her 3 boys.  As time moved on and transformations happen, we arrived at Lisa Maree Designs.  AND NOW, LM is ready to take this small little biz to the next level.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Most of you who know LM, know that she can be long winded, but that's what makes her, her!